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With footprints all over Sri Lanka, JC's Tour is the right company to help you navigate and experience all that Sri Lanka has to offer. We are more than a tour company, we welcome you like a member of the family. We want to get to know you and offer tailored experiences to suit you. Whether you’re visiting for the first time or you know your way around, we offer a unique experience with our guided tours, accommodations, food and more.

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Why use JC's Tours

We are a local tour company with international vibes. Being managed by an international group, our operations adhere to all quality of tourism standards. We offer luxury experiences at an affordable price.

Incredible lodging

Whether you want to stay in a beach side cottage, a five star hotel or village hut, JC's Tours can make that a reality for you.

Amazing culinary experience

Sri Lanka has a diverse mouth-watering culinary menu. The savoury experiences offered by different cultures and regions by itself will be a perfect reason to visit Sri Lanka.

Religious and historical tours

With a history which spans many millenniums, there is a abundance of historical and religious sites to be seen. The architecture, the scenery and the ruin, all provide a unique experience which cannot be experienced anywhere else.

Experience the natural beauty

In 1271, Marco Polo called Sri Lanka the most beautiful place on earth. To this day that holds true. The natural beauty can only be consumed in person.

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