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Sri Lanka

A spiritual journey

Buddhist, Hindu and Christian philosophies offer stunning experiences and much to learn and experience. 

freedom for wildlife

You will marvel at the wonderfu array of wildlife still roaming this idyllic setting. See the joy of nature at it’s finest.. 

Explore and shop

Learn how to barter with the shop keep and return with wonderful treasures from your travel experience. 

A food experience

A food culture like no other, you’ll enjoy lavish and filling meals throughout your stay. 

Beautiful landscapes

Breathtaking doesn’t do the beattiful and lush scenery justice – like here at Devil’s Bridge. JC’s Tours helps you see the breathtaking beauty of the real Sri Lanka.

City life

It’s a busy street scene as Sri Lanka’s major entres are thriving and open fo business. New constriction and traditional values go hand in hand in this magnificent setting.. 

You’ll be amazed of how easy it is…

Check the dates

With great demand comes limited resources. Check and reserve your timing early..


You get full ability to plan a package with your guide and driver before you go. It's a terrific opportunity to see what you want to see, when you want to see it..

Fly away

From the moment you arrive in Sri Lanka you'll be well cared for by JC'sTours staff. You'll benefit from their extensive knowledge of the land, the people and the pleasures of Sri Lanka.

Discover Ontario

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Pick a point on a map. Then go there. Find the hidden gems throughout Ontario on your own, with the timing of your hoice.


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Niagara Falls

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